Porto Velho

About Airport

Located 7 km from downtown, Porto Velho International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the North region. As a gateway to the south of Amazonas, the Airport has a 2,400 m runway and stands out as an option for transporting Brazilian agricultural production to the Pacific.
Porto Velho is a unique city in many ways. It is the largest state capital in Brazil in terms of extension, surpassing the size of entire Brazilian states, such as Sergipe and Alagoas. The city borders another country, Bolivia. Surrounded by the Madeira River, one of its main tourist attractions is the Madeira-Mamoré Railway, whose construction gave rise to the city.

Airport Fees

The effective use of airport areas, buildings, premises, equipment, facilities and services by airplanes and their passengers is subject to the payment of prices calculated based on Airport Tariffs, whose values are periodically readjusted, according to indexes established by the Ministry of Defense or ANAC (National Agency of Civil Aviation) through an ordinance.

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